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About The Safari Company

The Safari Company is a privately owned business established in 2005.  We are a small boutique company with a Kiwi-Kenyan connection.  Being small means we have a very hands-on approach - we speak directly with our clients, not through a faceless auto-booking site.  When you book with us, we send a personal email or phone you directly and any questions you have we can answer straight away - you don't have to read through screeds of FAQ online. 

Our Administration hub is based in Cambridge, New Zealand where all bookings are processed. 

The Operations hub is located in the suburb of Karen in Nairobi, Kenya.  

The Team

Andy Kibby

Andy has been running safaris through Africa since 1990. He started working as a tour guide on the African continent driving old German army trucks in the days when top speed was 60 kph downhill, bridges had to be built to cross rivers and officials at borders often went on strike. Andy's reputation as an expedition leader and driver secured him employment with several well-known overland companies. He led and drove six month long Trans-Africa Expeditions from London to Nairobi with passengers from all over the world as well as shorter safaris in Central, East and Southern Africa. In 2005 he set up "The Safari Company".  For Andy, Africa is unlike any other place in the world. For him, it is a truly awe-inspiring continent, and he loves to share his unique experience and knowledge with guests who will see the very best of Africa with a man whose passion for the area ensures that it will be in your blood forever.  Andy's vast local knowledge guarantees an unforgettable safari. 

Nicholas Kamanga

Nico hails from Machokos in Kenya and has been an integral part of our team since 2011.  He trained as a chef in Kenya and then found his passion for travel, food and people could be combined whilst working as a Safari Cook.  Nico is in charge of ensuring our guests are well fed - a job he does exceptionally well.  He is renowned for his delicious meals which are all cooked over charcoal and gas beside the truck.  Our guests are always astounded at the meals Nico provides and as any past passenger will tell you - the meals are healthy, tasty and all served with a massive smile. 

Marie Coles

Marie, aka Marz, manages the administration and safari bookings from our office in Cambridge, NZ. She has worked in the travel industry for many years and for The Safari Company since 2006.  Marie has a particular passion for adventure travel and a real soft spot for Africa. During her last trip to Africa, she lists her highlights as “everything, everyday! No two days are the same in Africa and you can be sure you will come home with thousands of absolutely stunning photos but nothing compares to the actual sights, sounds and smells of this amazing Continent. Can you imagine how fast your heart will beat as you sit a few metres away from a gorilla, how amazing it is to see animals in the wild, or be invited into a local tribe’s village? You have to physically go to witness it and travelling by overland truck gives you the best views especially when you are sitting up top of our truck”.